2019 Cape Town Cycle Tour

Join us on the start line at the Grand Parade on Sunday, 10th March 2019.

R850 entry fee plus minimum R1000 sponsorship, includes DSIEF cycling shirt.

Contact las@down-syndrome.co.za or 074 180 4895.


DSIEF have 25 entries this year, in line with our strategy to grow every year. We did so amazingly well last year, but our challenge is to grow exponentially so we can do more work, secure in our future.

This is the link to join our group:


The cost is R1850 = “R800 entry fee + R50 admin fee” + your donation R1000. This includes a DSIEF cycling shirt.

The sooner we fill the places the better we can galvanise the fund-raising efforts. We’ve partnered with BackaBuddy and they will create a campaign for us with a profile for each of you to fundraise online in your personal networks.

Please share the link and encourage friends and family to join us! Local is lekker but The Cycle Tour Trust  has advised that if you know anyone internationally then please invite them to join us too, they typically raise more money than South Africans can in ZAR. And if you know a celebrity we can invite to ride for us, the Cycle Tour Trust will actively will help manage the media etc and maximise the celebrity factor to secure more exposure and sponsorship.

Many charity groups advised that their riders were able to approach employers and other corporates (not just big multinationals, but small businesses in the community) to sponsor their entry. This is a CSI for them and tax deductible. If a corporate is willing to make a large donation, we can offer to put their logo on our 2019 DSIEF cycling shirts.

We had such a successful event last year, over 20 riders in our group and we raised more than R30k for our cause. Some images of a fun day:


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