About Us

DSIEF was founded by a group of 10 families of children with Down syndrome in the southern suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa.

Our vision

Our vision is for society to recognise that children with Down syndrome are more alike than different.

Our mission

Our mission is to introduce inclusive education programmes into preprimary and primary schools in Western Cape so that children with Down syndrome are provided with the right to education in a manner that will enable them to reach their full potential.

What we do

We network with schools, educational institutions and Down syndrome associations both locally and internationally.
We aim to be at the forefront of developmental and educational support for children with Down syndrome in the Western Cape, with a specific emphasis on early intervention and the implementation of inclusive education curricula in mainstream schools.

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About inclusive education

International studies have shown that 70%-80% of children with Down syndrome could start their school career in a mainstream inclusive setting, if early intervention techniques were used from birth and throughout pre-school education.

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