Changing perspectives with Shéri Brynard


Shéri Brynard, a 31 year old South African Self Advocate with Down Syndrome is an inspiration and a role model. Shéri will give the opening talk and 6 workshops will follow focusing on the needs of children with special needs.

Talk and Seminars
9.00h – 12.30h
23 November 2013
Noah’s Ark Preprimary School, Olivia Rd, Meadowridge, Cape Town.

Today more and more people with special needs are actively participating in the community. Shéri Brynard is a great example of this. Shéri is an amazing motivational speaker and has spoken to groups as large as 3000 people including President Zuma during World Down Syndrome Congress 2012 and also to the United Nations. Shéri also speaks at corporate events. Her opening talk will be an inspiration for everyone.

Workshops exploring inclusive education and early intervention will follow the talk.

More about Shéri

Seminar overview

8.45 Registration

9.00 Welcome & About DSIEF / Introduction

Opening Talk by Shéri Brynard

9.40 Tea Break & final Registration for Seminars

Stream 1

Recommended for adults, whose children fall into the 0-4 yr age group

10.15h-10.55 (40min)
Understanding Down Syndrome & Early Intervention
(Down Syndrome)
Starting from Birth on… Why Early Intervention?
Special Learning Profile of children with DS
Medical Checklists
DSIEF Work & Pilot Project “Early Impact”
Speaker: Marc Köbler. DSIEF founder member and creator of Early Impact programme

5 min Break

11.00-11.40 ( 40min)
Early Speech Development
(Dyspraxia, Down Syndrome)
Communication in the Early Years.
Enhancing Pragmatic Skills with a focus on Pre-linguist development.
Receptive language and Early signing.
Speaker: Tania Botoulas. A health care practitioner with 25 years of experience, specializing in speech therapy and audiology, Tania is an avid supporter of early intervention. UCT B.SC Logopaedics.

5 min Break

11.45-12.25 ( 40min)
Gross & Fine Motor Skills
The Role of Early Physiotherapy
(special need children such as Down Syndrome)
Speaker: Carol Cornell. Having worked in Community based hospitals for many years in Cape Town and in rural KwaZulu Natal, Carol has continued her work in private practice in Cape Town since 1997 and is an advocate of the value of  early intervention in child development. UCT Physiotherapy.

Stream 2

Recommended for adults, whose children fall into the 4+ yr age group

10.15h-10.55 (40min)
Behaviour Management
for children with special needs
(various conditions such as ASD, ADHD & Down Syndrome)
Speaker: Chantal van Ginkel. Founder and director of On Spectrum and holds a Masters degree in Education in Autism,  Chantal works with children and adults with various conditions, including ASD, Down Syndrome, ADHD, ODD, anxiety disorders and dyslexia. Chantal is passionate about the field and implements a variety of behaviour interventions and  teaching methods.

5 min Break

11.00-11.40 ( 40min)
Getting ready for School – Inclusive Education
(Down Syndrome)
Early Intervention as a foundation for a mainstream School
Reality in SA and Trends wordlwide
Inclusion vs Special Need
Parents need to do their “homework”
Selection of exercises, toys, games and Apps
Speaker: Marc Köbler.

5 min Break

11.45-12.25 ( 40min)
Advanced Speech Development
(Dyspraxia, Down Syndrome, learning diffculties)
Expanding the use of Expressive language
Reading for language development
Phonic gestures for articulation and the introduction of spelling
Speaker: Tania Botoulas (supported by Marc Köbler)

Motivational talk only
R10 Entrance Fee
Motivational talk and all seminars
R200 per person
R350 per family (couple)

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