On of our graduate Diamonds, Arna Madurasinghe, now attends Grade 1 at Herzlia Constantia where she is under the care of many specialists in special needs education, including resident occupational therapist (OT) Gillian Blem.

Gillian recently undertook a course in DIR Floortime, a concept developed by Stanley Greenspan and a cognitive development strategy whereby the therapist follows the child’s lead to get an emotional buy in. This often involves physically coming down to the floor level to interact with the child.


Floortime was a technique Gillian had been using with Arna to assist with her sequencing and problem solving. Arna was therefore presented as a case study to the group of occupational therapists taking a recent course and some of the slides presented follow:

Gillian Blem Floortime Gillian Blem Floortime Gillian Blem Floortime



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