Workshops at Herzlia Constantia Primary

DSIEF were delighted to be invited to present some workshops at Herzlia Constantia Primary school recently. A kind invitation was extended by Principal Jos Horwitz and Special Educational Needs Coordinator Colleen Firmani to present two sessions.

Herzlia Constantia is very actively involved in inclusive education of children with all manner of special needs; and currently includes 3 children with Down Syndrome (including 2 graduates from DSIEFs Early Impact programme at Noah’s Ark preprimary closeby).

The first session took place on 4 August and involved the full staff staff compliment. For a staff education workshop, DSIEF presented an introduction to Down Syndrome and concepts of early intervention and inclusive education that are most applicable to children with Down Syndrome.

The presentation, below, begins with a discussion of the ‘child with Down Syndrome’ and progresses to discuss ‘the child with Down Syndrome as a pupil in mainstream school’ today.

Herzlia July 2017

The second session (pictured below) took place on 18 August and was a feedback session presenting and analysing videoed sessions between pupils with Down Syndrome and their facilitators. Also invited to participate were their class teachers. The focus in these workshops was collective learning and knowledge sharing, particularly concerning learning profile and behaviour management in learning situations.

Herzlia workshop Aug 2017

The sessions were much appreciated by both parties and DSIEF and Herzlia Constantia Primary both committed to working together to build an optimal mainstream school environment and teaching methods for current and future children with Down Syndrome attending primary school.




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